“Innovative Measurement And Control Applications Of Force”


Welcome to Force Switch, Corp. specialists in flight control transducer, load cells, force sensors, and liquid level measurements, limit switched, non-passive hermetically sealed switches, toggle, and OEM specific designs for unique applications. Force Switch excels at custom designs, special orders, and adaptations to our COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) products for measurement solutions and control of key operations, and measurement for aerospace, medical and transportation applications.

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Force Switch Corp. designs and manufactures force transducers combine precision force activated, weight activated and liquid level sensors with intelligent control outputs that deliver cutting edge solutions for aerospace, medical and transportation applications.

A true COTS supplier, Force Switch delivers MIL- Std and Medical-qualified devices and complete integrated assembles at the lowest total cost supplier of this equipment, which takes into account not only the initial purchase price, but installation costs, life cycle costs, support costs, and maintenance costs.

Force Switch engineers work with your project team to create the most ideal solution for application. Our standard products, system integrations and custom designs are found in a wide variety of applications and industries. These innovative designs are backed with superior service and support to customers, treating them courteously, honestly and fairly.

The Company

– Complies with both MIL-Std and ISo quality, documentation and test practices

– Provides turnkey design, test and manufacturing services

– Delivers fast, high quality design services

Transducers w/Switch

Oil Field Transducers




Our Load Cells and Force Sensors are custom engineered for your specific application and are cost effective. Applications include aerospace in flight, pharmaceuticals, fine chemical, oil field pump off control, high purity semiconductor gas control, food, packaging, bulk-solid, mining and more.