Force Sensors

Precision Flat Washer Force Sensor: Model F7000 (pdf.)

The F7000 is to be used under bolt/ fastener to monitor die forces and to equalize force to obtain uniformity. The F7000 converts structure into weighing apparatus through bolt stresses. It also monitors load changes on dams and bridges.

Miniature Compression Force Sensor: Model F1000 (pdf.)

Capacities: 50Kg and  100Kg. Sealed for submersion in hot oil with 6 wire cable with outputs for force as well as temperature.

High Purity Force Sensor: Model F2510 (pdf.)

The F2510 is a high purity flush mount diaphragm. This model is highly accurate (better than 0.10% full scale) it is adaptable to all tank fittings and meets 3A sanitary standards. It is available in 2 output configurations: 4-20mA, 0-5 V., or adjustable switch. The F2510 is fully welded stainless steel and has a 3 year warranty calibration traceable to N.I.S.T.

Planar Beam Force Sensor: Model F1101 (pdf.)

Accurate yet inexpensive bending beam style force sensor. Use anywhere there is a need to measure deflection between two surfaces, or for weight measurement, thermally compensated, uses foil type strain gages for unsurpassed accuracy.

Precision In Line Tension Link: Model F2101 (pdf.)

High accuracy sensor for confined area use. Used for inline tension monitoring of cables in process control. Low cost fluid level sensor for difficult or corrosive materials. Many dynamometer uses.

Low Profile Load Plate Force Sensor: Model F9600 (pdf.)

Low profile load plate, ideal for weighing gas cylinders, inventory control of gas/liquids. Mobile version with handle also available.

Tension/ Compression Mini Beam Force Sensor: Model F3011 (pdf.)

Extreme High Accuracy makes the F3011 an ideal choice for packaging machines, I.V. bag monitoring, glue bond force testing, and unlimited uses for weight and force monitoring.

Made in the USA