Oil Field Sensors

Oil Field Transducers Image

Dyno Horseshoe Transducer: Model F4050 (pdf.)

This quantitative load transducer is the most accurate and durable dyno load sensor for testing rod-pumping units. The easy to use design allows for insertion between the carrier bar and polished rod clamp. The "4 Point" design eliminates position errors common in other transducers. The F4050 is completely environmentally sealed and is washdown resistant. Two connector configurations are available and the unit can adapt to any well analysis system.

Pump Sensor Monitoring Pump Off & Mechanical Changes

P.O.C. TRANSDUCER & CABLE: Model F7050 (pdf.)

This industry standard, polished rod, precision load cell utilizes the latest sensor technology. It brings both accuracy and durability to the typically harsh environment of an oil well site. It's stainless steel Hermetically Sealed element, makes this load cell resistant to moisture ingression, corrosion and H2S. It is also equipped with lightning suppression circuit. Each of these sensors are thoroughly tested to meet performance specifications. Calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST)

Clamp on Polished Rod Load Cell Transducer: Model F4040 (pdf.)

This precision qualitative load transducer uses the latest in sensor technology. The F4040 can more accurately detect small changes in road loads than other devices. It automatically adjusts to the variations in rod diameters from well to well. One F4040 will fit all rod sizes. Both industry standard style connector are available.

Made in the USA