Load Cells

Miniature Button Load Cell: Model F1005 (pdf.)

The F1005 model is a miniature load sensor that measures compressive force. It is ideal for monitoring changing forces on a bearing or pillow block. This sensor is truly versatile, the F1005 is used in a vast array of force monitoring applications.

Ultra Precision Mini Beam Load Cell: Model F3012 (pdf.)

Extreme high accuracy makes the F3012 an ideal choice for packaging machines, I.V. bag monitoring, glue bond force testing, and unlimited uses for weight and force monitoring.

Low Profile Load Cell: Model F3020 (pdf.)

Low profile, low cost beam, exercise machines, medical measurements, particulate and airflow by impact force.

Precision Cantilever Load Cell: Model F2732 (pdf.)

Medical force and weighing applications. Low cost, very accurate, moment corrected. Currently using in dialysis machines and monitoring of I.V. bag fluid usage.

Safety Pin Anchor Style Load Shackle: Model F6952 (pdf.)

"Know your load". Unlimited uses for freight handling. Marine / train, tow force, machinery lifting, extremely rugged design. Use in place of ordinary shackle.

Precision Low Profile Shear Web Load Cell: F1012 (pdf.)

Highest accuracy universal (tension & compression) load cell in the industry. Fatigue rated, unique mono billet design does not suffer from non-repeatability that other "bolted together" designs do. Superior stiffness, hermetically sealed and nitrogen filled.

Made in the USA